The Slumgullion Episode 19 “No One Mentioned Spike Lee”

Starring Scott Clevenger and Jeff Holland

Special Guest Hank Parmer

This should have been out days ago.  Heck, weeks, but there was trouble scheduling, there was trouble recording (All Jeff recorded was white noise for some reason), and there was trouble adding music, which is why there isn’t any.

But what there IS is World O Crap and spiritual Godfather to FROGS-The Musical Hank Parmer joining in for a LIVE PREMIERE of another song from FROGS, the usual pop culture potpourri, and the Unknown Movie Challenge which, this week, is the 1972 Made for TV movie Gargoyles.

NOTE:  To make up for the lateness of this episode, Episode 20, featuring an in depth analysis of Doctor Strange and many guests, will drop this week end.

Note 2:  Want to hear a really funny book read by some really funny people?  Click here