ASSJam Episode 58 “I’ve Got Soup”

Starring Jeff Holland and Indy McDaniel as The Storyteller

Special Guests: Brian Howe, Alison Martin, and Dan Conroy

Music by Josiah Yareff, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Houser, and Ralph Raymond Hayes

Storytime written by Indy McDaniel and Jeff Holland


Since the world was not destroyed last month, you would think it would happen TWICE this month, right?

You would be wrong.  It shall only happen once. Today is a happy day.  First, Jeff reviews The Audio Adventurebook of Big Dan Frater, written by film maker and former ASSJammie Larry Blamire, THEN he gets to interview the three stars, all of whom he’s a fan of.  Plus, and this isn’t even mentioned on the show, Jeff read the first issue of the new Howard the Duck comic and he loved it.  Today is a happy day.