ASSJam Episode 22 “Too Many Brits Destroy the Universe”

Michael is still kicking himself in the naughty bits for missing this one.  First, Isaac is joined by Fay Masterson, the lovely star of such films as The Man Without a Face and Eyes Wide Shut, and a voice actor in such games as Dragon Age: Origins and Star Wars-The Old Republic, for a lively discussion about all those things, as well as children’s films and Michael Fassbender’s anatomy.  They are then joined by Scott Clevenger and Jeff Martin for a round table discussion about the business of film making, Project Runway and, most importantly, Fay’s roles in the wonky and brilliant films The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, Trail of the Screaming Forehead, Dark and Stormy Night, The Lost Skeleton Returns Again, and the web series Tales From the Pub.

Note:  This is the cleanest episode of the ASSJam you will ever hear.

Note 2-Electric Boogaloo:  There is a song from Evil Dead-The Musical

Note 3-The Eye of Braxus: The theme for this episode was written by Charles Fox and Paul Williams

Note 4-The Final Chapter:  There is a lot of laughter in this episode (Which is why Michael is so upset he missed this).