ASSJam Episode 15 “The Show That Would Not Be”

All Ike wanted to do was get a couple of Star Wars geeks together and BS for awhile.  He was able to get Jamie Benning, Brooke Barnes, and Beth Accomando (Each in their own time zone, mind you) together on skype, the chat was great, all was well with the multiverse.

But then the editing began, and Ike discovered a level of Hell known by only the unluckiest (And stupidist) of podcasters.  Things that should have been recorded weren’t, files that should have been saved weren’t, emails that shouldn’t have been deleted were.

But then, after 18 hours, lots of pot, lots of coffee, and one Benny Hill break, he had a finished podcast.  It wasn’t what he’d hoped for, but by gosh it was okay!

And then he tried to upload it.  He tried a second time.  Then, a third.  Then he said “Flim Glingo Paka Poo” and passed out.

This is a phenominal Star Wars chat and he’s glad he did it, but Ike will never, never EVER do this again.

The music for this episode is by Meco and after you hear it, you won’t care.