ASSJam 69 “Namaste Part One”

Starring Jeff Holland and Scott Clevenger

Guest Starring Mary Clevenger and John Szura

Special Appearances by Indy McDaniel and Tom Elliot

Music by Josiah Yareff and Ralph Raymond Hayes

GeekplanetOnline, the Fascination Nation, and Very Amateurish Productions, the Rejuvenation Indignation, can finally say piss off to the All Star Summer Jamboree.  Indy knows it’s the end, but no one at WVAR seems to. Jeff chats with the lovely and talented Mary Clevenger about Bones and all things Joss Whedon, Scott sends us a holiday message filled to the brim with good cheer and Drew Barrymore, John Szura joins Jeff and Scott for a William Castle led descent into film geekery, and it ends with the man who began it, a special message from Tom Elliot.