A paradigm shift without a clutch.

Comedian Jeff Holland would like to take you – if he may - and a host of often bemused and occasionally unwilling guests to join him on a strange journey. Whether it’s cultural observations from part-time immortal stoner critics Mike & Ike or teaming up with Scott Clevenger for a radio show with a difference, you will be entertained. Sometimes whether you like it or not...


ASSJam Episode 32 “Protocol Ten B”

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The following was originally broadcast on October 8th, 1957. Danny Davies has unearthed another ASSJam from another decade.  In this golden nugget from the 1950’s.  The boys discuss the launch of Sputnik, way too many low budget science fictions films, and discover a new favorite phrase. WARNING:  The following historical document contains strong language.

ASSJam Episode 27 “Protocol Ten A”

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The following was originally broadcast on December 31st, 1931. Thanks to extensive research by Miguel Rodriguez and Danny Davies, with slightly useful help from Mike, we are slightly proud to present the first in a series of “from the vault” ASSJams.  In this one, from 1931, the boys discuss Harry J. Anslinger’s crusade to criminalize…

ASSJam Episode 26 “Kojak Bang Bang”

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What starts out as a typical Mike-less interview turns into something quite different.  We may not know where Isaac is, but we DO know…not much.  You’ll hear. As for the interview, it’s a lovely discussion with Indy McDaniel about the various projects he wanted to whore, and his better half Brittany (Apologies if that’s spelled…