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100 Words About Grease 2

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Here’s a fun fact. It was written by Ken Finkleman who, shortly before or after he wrote this, wrote and directed Airplane II: The Sequel. I believe the two films are related I believe Grease 2 tried to be the Airplane of musicals. It takes the key beats of the original (And musicals in general) and overdoes them almost to…

100 Words About Batman (Spoilers)

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I really wish death mattered in comics. If it did, Batman and The Joker’s recent deaths in the comics would have been monumental. For 75 FRAKKING YEARS these two have fought, and for 75 years The Joker has survived (Except perhaps in The Killing Joke, depending on your interpretation). Sadly, Batman has died and returned…

100 Words About Mad Max: Fury Road

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There are many MANY reasons it should give everyone raging cinematic boners, and everyone has already mentioned them, so I’m going to focus on my two favorites. A: Tom Hardy’s performance. Mel Gibson’s Max was the stoic, reluctant hero.  Hardy’s is a hero, yes, but he is also bat shit insane. The fidgeting, the look…