A paradigm shift without a clutch.

Comedian Jeff Holland would like to take you – if he may - and a host of often bemused and occasionally unwilling guests to join him on a strange journey. Whether it’s cultural observations from part-time immortal stoner critics Mike & Ike or teaming up with Scott Clevenger for a radio show with a difference, you will be entertained. Sometimes whether you like it or not...


The The Slumgullion Episode 17 “My First Straight Boner”

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Starring Jeff Holland and Scott Clevenger With Special Guests Mary Clevenger and Indy McDaniel In which a happy discussion about Stranger Things turns into a hateful rant from Jeff about three new horror films.  After we relive some childhood memories, the Unknown Movie Challenge is 1957’s Invasion of the Saucer Men.  Many tangents ensue.

“Zack Snyder Wins an Award”

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Otherwise Known As “Holland V Clevenger: Dawn of Podcast” Opening Theme:  “Super Friends” from Holy Musical B@tman written by Nick Gage and Scott Lamps Jeff and Scott REALLY REALLY want to go in depth on Batman vs Superman and a full episode of The Slumgullion (With guests) about it is coming.  For now, here is…

Wookies and Music and Porn Oh My

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Starring Jeff Holland and Scott and Mary Clevenger Another special lead up to Saturday’s premiere of The Slumgullion.  Tangents are kept to a surprising minimum as Jeff and Mary deal with a shared childhood trauma known as The Star Wars Holiday Special.  Scott has used much medication to remove those horrible memories from 1978, but…

ASSJam 69 “Namaste Part One”

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Starring Jeff Holland and Scott Clevenger Guest Starring Mary Clevenger and John Szura Special Appearances by Indy McDaniel and Tom Elliot Music by Josiah Yareff and Ralph Raymond Hayes GeekplanetOnline, the Fascination Nation, and Very Amateurish Productions, the Rejuvenation Indignation, can finally say piss off to the All Star Summer Jamboree.  Indy knows it’s the…

100 Words About Grease 2

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Here’s a fun fact. It was written by Ken Finkleman who, shortly before or after he wrote this, wrote and directed Airplane II: The Sequel. I believe the two films are related I believe Grease 2 tried to be the Airplane of musicals. It takes the key beats of the original (And musicals in general) and overdoes them almost to…

100 Words About Batman (Spoilers)

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I really wish death mattered in comics. If it did, Batman and The Joker’s recent deaths in the comics would have been monumental. For 75 FRAKKING YEARS these two have fought, and for 75 years The Joker has survived (Except perhaps in The Killing Joke, depending on your interpretation). Sadly, Batman has died and returned…

100 Words About Mad Max: Fury Road

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There are many MANY reasons it should give everyone raging cinematic boners, and everyone has already mentioned them, so I’m going to focus on my two favorites. A: Tom Hardy’s performance. Mel Gibson’s Max was the stoic, reluctant hero.  Hardy’s is a hero, yes, but he is also bat shit insane. The fidgeting, the look…